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Traversing the divide between architecture and philosophy can be a lonely business. There are few fellow travelers that can help you refine your ideas into fully-realized essays. In short, we need more feedback than we usually get. To address this situation, the ISPA Summer 2015 Workshop proposes to invert the usual conference presentation of 20 minutes of presentation followed by a few minutes of questions. We invite unfinished essays between 3000 and 4000 words that authors are seeking reader responses to help them finish. Each presentation would consist of, at most, 10 minutes of recap followed by 20 minutes of questioning from attendees who have already read your presentation. Each presentation will have been read in advance by at least two interlocutors.

Though the papers are unfinished, they must be far enough along to be peer-reviewed for adequate content to be an ISPA presentation. Therefore, they must engage both architecture and philosophy in a substantive way, but the subject matter can vary widely. Acceptance to the workshop will depend to some degree on the availability of competent responders. Abstracts are not required.

Some events of the workshop will take place at the Dole Reed Center for the Arts (DRCA) operated by Oklahoma State University in nearby Talpa. Depending on the number of participants, the presentations may also take place at the Sagebrush Inn at Taos which has blocked rooms for the event. Generous co-sponsorship by the Department of Philosophy and the School of Architecture at Oklahoma State University allows all registration fees to be waived. A small food and beverage charge is anticipated. In addition to the Workshop, attendees will have the opportunity to enjoy a guided tour of the Taos Pueblo and to attend a performance of the Santa Fe Opera.

Informal inquiries about the Workshop are welcomed and should be directed to Tom Spector,, or Rebecca Bensen Cain,

Submissions, prepared for blind review by a separate author’s page, should be sent by e-mail attachment to: Deadline 1 May 2015.

Participants of the workshop have abstracts of their presentations published here.

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