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Monte Verità

Ascona, Switzerland

​The conference will be held at Monte Verità, a former utopian-like hub of alternative cooperative life and now site for numerous formidable architectural works, standing in the beautiful landscape between the Alps and Lago Maggiore in the Swiss canton of Ticino.

Its story begins in the 1900’s, when various artists from around the world came together in what was then called Monte Monescia to create a new alternative community, that “[…] strove to achieve the emancipation of women, self-criticism, new ways of cultivating mind and spirit and the unity of body and soul […]”. The historical overview of this place’s history, which can be found in Monte Verità’s website, speaks of a “[…] Christian-communist community […]” that “[…] sought a third way between the capitalist and communist blocks, [and] eventually found a home […]” in the hill above the town of Ascona. The community attracted much international attention, and what became a rather unusual sanatorium was visited by people of all kinds, from political revolutionaries to artist and even those fleeing from both World Wars. Since the beginning, and especially after its purchase by the banker Baron von der Heydt in the 1920’s, the site saw the construction of numerous different buildings in the most diverse styles, such as Casa Selma, Casa Andrea, Casa Elena, Casa dei Russi, Casa Aida, Casa Centrale (mostly demolished in 1948), and Casa del Tè (no longer exists). Most notably, the Casa Anatta, built by one of the original founders Henry Oedenkoven, was praised by Siegried Giedion in 1929; and the Bauhaus Hotel, originally assigned to Mies van der Rohe but ultimately designed by Emil Fahrenkamp.

The site is now the property of the Ticino Canton, and run by the Fondazione Monte Verità,


Hotel Monte Verità

After registering to the conference, information is sent on how to book a room at the venue’s hotel. Special rates apply for participants only, and for the duration of the conference. Breakfast is included.

Hotel Piazza Ascona

The complex, which includes Hotel Piazza, Hotel Faro, Riva Lago Boutique Hotel, and Olive Boutique Hotel, is located in the center of Ascona right next to the lake. From here the conference venue may be reached in a 15/20 minute walk, or by local bus. Reservations for 3 nights receive a 10% discount, and 4 nights or more are offered 15%. Breakfast is included.



We’re thrilled to announce the Lufthansa group as the conference’s official airline! As a participant, you will receive a discount of up to 10% in any class, on top of extra-flexible flight change and cancellation conditions, for flights to Zurich Airport or Milano Malpensa Airport on-board any of the following companies:

Swiss International Air Lines


Austrian Airlines

Brussels Airlines


United Airlines

Canada Air

Additionally, those flying to Zurich will also be offered the train ride until Lugano.

For more information please contact the organizers.

Local Transportation

Accessibility to a secluded hideaway in the Swiss Alps like Monte Verità is inevitably rather limited, but absolutely worth the trip once you’re there!

If flying in, consider the airports of Zurich, Milano, or Lugano, and from there take the train to Locarno. Please make sure you do not confuse the two destinations, since their names are rather similar. Trains tickets in Switzerland can be purchased on the SBB website, or on the Trenitalia website in Italy.

A shuttle shall run between Locarno Train Station and Monte Verità on arrival and departure days. On the 2nd of July, it will pass in the following hours: 10:20 – 11:00 – 11:40 – 12:20 – 13:00 – 13:40. Alternatively, you may also take bus nº 1 from Locarno to Ascona city center, and then to bus nº5 to Monte Verità. Schedules can be consulted on the Ferrovie Autolinee Regionali Ticinesi website.

Upon arrival to one of our recommended hotels you receive a Ticino Ticket, which will enable you to use all regional public transports in Ticino for free, among other advantages and discounts.


The organization has included a series of activities throughout the event, including the vernissage Golden Age by Fabrizio Dusi, a guided tour of the Monte Verità complex, and a the conference dinner.

Suggested extra-conference activities include:

Fritz Overbeck exhibition

Chiara Magni "Bright Expressionism" exhibition

Muralto Musika (July 1st)

LocarnoFOLK Festa siciliana (July 3rd)

Walk around the old town of Ascona

Walk from Ascona do Tenero along Lago Maggiore

Walk around Maia Reserve woodland

Hiking trail: Ronco s. Ascona - Porera - Rasa

Hiking trail: Ascona - Ronco s. Ascona - Brissago

Car-cable ride and hiking: Cimetta - Cardada - Orselina

Water sports on Lago Maggiore

For more activities and events see the Ascona-Locarno tourist site

Exchange rate

The local currency is the Swiss Franc (CHF).

CHF 1.00 is approximately 0.91 Euros / 1.08 US Dollars

Important contacts

Monte Verità Hotel: +41 91 785 40 40

Swiss general emergency number: 112


Police: 117


Fire service: 118


Ambulance: 144

Coronavirus Infoline: +41 58 463 00 00


Federal Department of Foreign Affairs: 0800 247 365

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