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Proceedings of the 2014 Ethics and Aesthetics in Architecture and the Autonomy Reconsidered conferences.




Editorial: Autonomy Reconsidered, by Carolyn Fahey, Stefan Koller, and Tom Spector


Architecture and Ethics: Autonomy, Aesthetics, Art, by Noël Carroll


The Myth of Autonomy, by Nathaniel Coleman


The Ethical Criticism of Architecture: In Defense of Moderate Moralism, by Christoph Baumberger


Aristotle, Autonomy, and Design, by Mark Jensen


The Image in Power: Vliém Flusser and th craft of architecture, by Felipe Loureiro


Monism and Pluralism: The History of Aesthetics and the Philosophy of Architecture, by Paul Guyer


Interview: Thinking in a Connected Sort of Way, with Andrew Ballantyne and Stefan Koller

Volume 1, Number 2 - Full issue

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