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*** LAST UPDATED 04JUL2018***

Thursday, July 26

0850 - Transportation from Hotel

0920 - USAFA / ISPA Welcome

0930 - Keynote: Frank Mahan

1030 - Chapel Tour

1130 - Session 1

1.1 Modern Architecture Sustainability Panel (CEP) - West Seminar Room


1.2 Design, Craftsmanship, and Aesthetics - East Seminar Room

Architectural Craftsmanship and Public Responsibility, by Hans Teerds

Politics, the Picturesque, and Park Design, by Roger Paden

1230 - Lunch

1300 - Session 2

2.1 Social Purposes in Architecture - West Seminar Room

A Phenomenological Analysis of the Material and Social Components of Dwelling, by Reidar Due

The Great Just Place: an Architectural Representation of Public Morality, by James Cook

Building as Being-With, by Katherine Melcher

2.2 Political Purposes in Architecture - East Seminar Room

Architecture, Buildings, and Political Ends, by Saul Fisher

Eclecticism: The Architecture of Liberal Democracy, by Daniel Morales

1430 - Break

1445 - Session 3

3.1 Residential Building - West Seminar Room

Useless Speculation, by Rick Fox

Tiny But Powerful: The Politics of the Tiny Homes Movement in Domestic Architecture, by Pam Aloisa

American Tiny-House Communities, by Lyndsey Deaton

1630 - Transportation to Hotels


Friday July 27

0850 - Transportation from Hotels

0930 - Keynote: Andrew Merrifield - Room TBA

1030 - Case Studies 1

4.1 Colloquium Session - West Seminar Room

Architecture, politics and economy at the origin of modern Milan by Laura Gioeni

The Mémorial des Martyrs de la Déportation and a Minoritarian Politic, by Kieran Richards

Symbolizing Democracy in the Masculist Mid-Century: The Curious Case of Yamasaki, by Paul Kidder

4.2 Colloquium Session - East Seminar Room

Image, Speech and Action, by Frank Weiner & Steve Thompson

Architecture in times of crisis, by Arian Korkuti

The Architect in Plato's Statesman, by Aleksander Kostic

1200 - Lunch

1230 - Case Studies II

5.1 Colloquium Session - West Seminar Room

“Orgies of Speech”: OMA’s Political Projects and the Evolution of the Post-Political, by Graham Owen

The Sublime Object of Nazi Architecture, by Orly Even

The Islamic Utopia and the Contemporary Statesmanship, by Iradj Moeini

5.2 Colloquium Session - East Seminar Room

Alternative governance and self-help architecture, by Cristina Dreifuss-Serrano

Mistaken Identity, by Christopher Vernon

Territorialization of Building: from the inside out, by Carolyn Fahey

1400 - Break

1415 - Session 3

6.1 Colloquium Session - West Seminar Room

(Architecture’s) power and the (Arnhem) panopticon, by André Patrão

Rorty on Overcoming the Choice between Hubris or Humility, by Tom Spector

6.2 Colloquium Session - East Seminar Room

Gazing from Jerusalem, by Ariyuki Kondo

Israel’s Government Campuses: Urbanity, Not Statehood, by Shelly Cohen & Eran Tamir Tawil

1600 - Transportation to Hotels

1915 - Transportation to Marriott from Drury Inn


1930 - Keynote: Lawrence Vale


2030 - Reception

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